AmFam State Dinner & Awards Was A Totally Awesome, Rad Party!

Once a year, the American Family Agents of Indiana have an all state business meeting to recap the previous year.  Following the business portion of the meeting, significant others are invited to attend the state awards ceremony, dinner and entertainment.

Copy of IMG_2686This year, the state decided to have an 80’s themed function (after the business meeting, of course) and let’s just say MANY “let their hair down” and embraced the 80’s theme COMPLETELY.

dave gossmanFor example, our buddy and fellow agency owner, David Gossman in Kokomo, IN on any given day looks just as he does pictured to the left.

Check out his 80’s ensemble in the below two pictures. Can you guess who he’s channeling?

He won best costume by the way!

Copy of IMG_2733

Dave with Connie from Lafayette

Copy of IMG_2722

Dave w/ his wife, Donna (and Pat)



Copy of IMG_2692

DSM Hazel & Husband, Larry

We first got a glimpse of how our peers interpreted the 80’s theme during our district awards (after the business meeting and prior to the dinner and state awards), hosted by our district sales manager, Hazel Salyer-Jones.

And they went ALL IN.  Look how awesome they look!collageIt was also during our district awards that The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency was recognized as the AGENCY OF THE YEAR!!  Congratulations POB Agency!!

Copy of IMG_2700

Here’s some more pictures from our fun night!

Copy of IMG_2725

Copy of IMG_2731 Copy of IMG_2730

Copy of IMG_2732

Copy of IMG_2708

Copy of IMG_2727 Copy of IMG_2726 Copy of IMG_2724 Copy of IMG_2723 Copy of IMG_2721 Copy of IMG_2719

Congrats to Hazel for DISTRICT of the YEAR!Copy of IMG_2718


Copy of IMG_2711 Copy of IMG_2706

Congratulations to the POB Team!


Laura Shares How Life Insurance Helped Her Family After A Tragic Loss

We’d like to share a story with you about our Agency Assistant, Laura (Brown) Hawkin’s cousin who tragically lost his life at the young age of 24 from an automobile accident last week.

Laura Family - Josh

2002 Family Reunion at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Josh is far right, standing in the red shirt

The below was written by Laura:

“On a foggy morning in November 2015, a 24-year-old young man, Josh, tragically died in a car accident. He was living in Kansas to help his grandparents while the rest of his family was at home in Hawaii, including his parents and 8 of his 10 siblings.

The family decided to bury Josh in Kansas. Unfortunately, plane tickets to and from Hawaii don’t come cheap, and many of Josh’s siblings were unsure if they could afford a ticket to the funeral to see their brother buried.

Thankfully the family had purchased a life policy for Josh right after he was born. This policy was not only able to take care of the funeral costs; it also covered travelling costs for most of the family. If it weren’t for the proper life coverage, many family members would have missed out on Josh’s funeral.

Josh was a cousin to Laura, our agency’s licensed assistant. She is grateful that she will be able to see and comfort her family during this difficult time because of the coverage her family invested in”.

Thank you for sharing that with us, Laura.  Under extremely sad circumstances, the family was able to physically come together and mourn the loss of Josh because his parents purchased a life insurance policy on him when he was a young.

Laura and Cousins

Laura and her Cousins this week. They haven’t been together since 2005.

This is one case where the death benefit of life insurance assisted in the emotional and financial stress of Josh’s loved ones, as well as brought the family together; but there are many living benefits to purchasing life insurance on your children when they are young.

Please contact us or any trusted life insurance professional to discuss the benefits of owning a policy for your child(ren).

Shawna O’Brien
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency

Superbowl for (Jeff) Saturday’s Kids

We were thrilled and honored to represent American Family Insurance, who was one of the title corporate sponsors at Monday’s fundraising event:  Superbowl for Saturday’s Kids at Woodland Bowl, benefiting The Peoples Burn Foundation.


Money raised at this event benefits Jeff and Karen Saturday’s “Camp Saturday“, a FREE week long camp in the summer at Flat Rock River Camp for any child age 5 to 18 who has suffered a burn injury.

Camp Saturday is a week-long specialized residential camp for children who are burn survivors to heal from physical and emotional scars by providing opportunity “just to be kids” with volunteer counselors comprised mostly of firefighters and paramedics. The camp offers traditional adventures filled with therapeutic healing for young burn survivors for a week of summertime fun within a nurturing environment amongst their peers.


Many campers were in attendance at Monday’s event to mingle with those who came to bowl and raise money for next summer’s camp while enjoying a yummy meal, compliments of Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  Jeff and Karen Saturday welcomed everyone and spoke from their heart about why this event was so special to them and their campers.


Per their bio on Camp Saturday’s website, The Saturday’s became involved with The Peoples Burn Foundation after their youngest son burned both of his hands on the glass doors of a lit fireplace. They learned first hand the long recovery process of a burn injury and how it affects a child.

Former Colts Player and Superbowl Champion, Hunter Smith and his band, The Hunter Smith Band, performed live while we bowled and bid on silent auction items.  (The band is AWESOME!  Check them out – we all bought their CD, which Hunter Smith autographed for us.  He was so NICE).


Band members Justin Langebartels, Alex Reiff, Ethan Ehrstine, Kyle Whiteley, and Hunter Smith

We LOVED the shirts available for purchase from Zella Mae Inspirations.  Every shirt they make conveys a positive message and for each shirt purchased Monday night, they donated a shirt to camp.  We HIGHLY encourage you check them out!  Amazing stuff!


Writing our names on our purchases from Zella Mae. 🙂

Here’s some more fun pictures from the night:


Girls V. Boys. We ALMOST beat them 1st Game.

IMG_0217 IMG_0201 IMG_0221


Camp Saturday
Healing through Encouragement, Acceptance, Respect, Togetherness & Sanctity

For information about Camp Saturday, please contact:
Lora Hays (317-518-5820)
Cindy Allison, Camp Director (317-803-2876),

As part of the American Family Insurance “family”, we couldn’t be prouder that year round our company partners with & supports local organizations such as this in & around Indianapolis.  American Family Insurance, year after year, shows up and validates why we became a part of this company 12 years ago.

Shawna O’Brien
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency

Indianapolis’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s and Fun Run

Saturday, October, 10, 2015, Tom and his family rose early as they have done the last 10 years to walk in Indianapolis’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s and Fun Run.

Tom Walk Podium

Tom announcing the event’s corporate sponsors, with the Executive Director of the Alzheimer Association, Heather Allen Hershberger.

This event is important to Tom and his family since Tom’s Mom became ill and sadly passed away as a result of the disease.  Tom and his Mother began participating in Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research, about 10 years ago.

As the head chair for new team recruitment, Tom continues to raise awareness with this annual event.

Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, this inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future for millions.


Group WalkJoined by his friends and family including his Dad, Brothers, and his Mother’s sister, Tom’s team was one of the 373 teams that took part in this event composed of 3,455 walkers. Overall this event has raised over $700,000.

So far Indianapolis’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s and Fun Run has reached 82% of it’s goal.  If you’d like to help them reach their goal of $870,00 for 2015, fundraising is still open!

All donations made through the end of the year will benefit the 2015 Walk. Don’t forget to check if your employer will match your donation.

Click here to learn more about the organization and how you can get involved.

Shawna O’Brien
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency


POB Agency with American Family Insurance teams with Special Olympics Indiana

IMG_0417Pat, Tom, and Indiana’s State Director, Matt, along with a few friends and professional peers had a great time representing title sponsor, American Family Insurance, at the Special Olympics Charity Golf Classic at Prairie View Golf Course July 16th.


Along with the Indianapolis Colts and Enterprise, American Family Insurance worked in conjunction with Special Olympics Indiana to host a day of golf in Carmel, Indiana.  Not only was it an honor and a lot of fun, the proceeds from the event benefited Special Olympics Indiana.

IMG_0419The opportunity to host the golf classic is key for Special Olympics Indiana as it provides a chance for sponsor appreciation, developing relationships with new sponsors –all while generating critical funds that support over 11,000 Special Olympics Indiana athletes.


Special Olympics Indiana is a not-for-profit organization that provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in more than 20 Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, reaching more than 11,000 athletes across Indiana. Special Olympics Indiana is part of the international network of accredited Special Olympics Programs that reaches nearly 4 million athletes with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

We think the Special Olympics Athlete Oath should be embraced by all athletes of all ages and abilities:  Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

IMG_0423For anyone who is looking for the opportunity and experience, Special Olympics Indiana offers multiple internship opportunities each semester, including internships in the field of communications, special events, and sports and programs.

Click here for more info.

Shawna O’Brien
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency

Walking to Raise Awareness For Kidney Disease

It was a HOT day last Saturday but that didn’t stop Cindy, along with her family, Gary, Garrett, Ciara, and Bella from participating in the Kidney Walk on the Canal to raise awareness for Kidney Disease.

This initiative hits close to home for Cindy because she is a kidney donor.  In October 2009, Cindy donated her left kidney to her brother-in-law, Ed Pino.  Since doing so, his life has improved tremendously.  Cindy jokes that Ed is her sixth child since the experience was life-giving – much like childbirth.

Applause to you, Cindy!!


walkThe National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.  The Kidney Walk is the nation’s largest walk to fight kidney disease.



More than 80 cents of every dollar donated directly supports programs and services.

Lookin’ good Pino Family!  Love the hat, Cindy!

– S.O.
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency


Hoosier High School Basketball Hysteria

In Indiana, Hoosier hysteria is a way of life.

Though you won’t find it in the dictionary, this phrase is well known and describes the excitement surrounding Indiana basketball – specifically, Indiana high school basketball. My staff and I witnessed the hysteria earlier this month at the Fifth Annual High School Slam Dunk and Three-Point Championship at Carmel High School, sponsored by American Family Insurance.

HS Slam Dunk

This event featured 16 outstanding high school seniors – eight young men and eight young women – from all over the country, competing in a one-minute three-point shooting contest. The senior boys also had just two opportunities to demonstrate their creative, challenging slam dunk skills for a panel of Indiana celebrity judges in the Slam Dunk Championship.

When we walked into the gymnasium, the energy was electric. Spectators from all over Indiana came out to witness and support the athletes demonstrating their amazing talent. This night had the potential to be history-making for some of these young players as they competed, hoping to become one step closer to pursuing their dreams. The cheers were deafening as Carmel senior Ryan Cline made it to the finals and won the three-point competition with 22 points in the final round (one and two points are awarded per shot).

Everyone from my office was thrilled to attend this event, as each has a love for Indiana basketball. Basketball brings together the old and young, boys and girls, urbanites and those from tiny rural communities. We gather at homes or at a restaurant to watch the games. And whether you live in the city, suburbs or on a country road, chances are, there’s a basketball goal within a rock’s throw.

More than half the homes in our neighborhood have basketball goals in their driveways. We see kids gathering nightly to play. I grew up playing in the neighborhood, on my high school team, and later with a group at our church. Our son has played basketball the last two seasons and this year I coached his third grade team. A basketball goal was a must-have feature on our “wish list” when we purchased our home late last year.

One of our office’s licensed producers is Noblesville, Indiana native Tom Coverdale, Mr. Basketball 1998. He was asked to judge the Slam Dunk Competition with four others including Boom Herron, running back with the Indianapolis Colts. Tom says in Indiana you are basically born with a basketball in your hands. Every kid dreams of playing for their high school team and in college. The state has a following unlike any other state when it comes to basketball. The atmosphere at Carmel High School was no different.

Bobby Plump, John Wooden, Larry Bird and Steve Alford all began pursuing their dreams in a high school gymnasium in Indiana. Hoosiers take great pride in remembering these young men before they were legendary players, and we feel a connection to their success.

It was an honor and a thrill for us to be involved in the High School Slam Dunk and Three-Point Championship representing American Family Insurance. This event allowed these young athletes to demonstrate their athleticism and to “dream big.”

Whatever becomes of them as they pursue their basketball dreams, we will be able to say, “we were there” when it began.

IMG_7524 IMG_7536 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_7569 IMG_7570 IMG_7572 IMG_7574 IMG_7576 IMG_7577 Copy of IMG_7550 Copy of IMG_7552 Copy of IMG_7559 Copy of IMG_7564 Copy of IMG_7567 IMG_7540

Fun Night Out for a Great Cause – Noble Evening in the Garden

Every year, the night before the Indianapolis Flower and Patio show opens to the Public, Noble of Indiana holds their biggest fundraiser, Noble Evening in the Garden.  Committee members work hard, year round, to present this beautiful evening.  Supporters come wearing their best and mingle with friends & colleagues among the amazing creations of the talented exhibitors.  Local restaurants provide samples of their most popular dishes and attendees can bid on exciting auction items.  It’s a blast and all money goes to fund Noble’s initiatives.

If you aren’t familiar with Noble of Indiana, it’s a local non-profit organization founded in 1953 that works with children and adults with disabilities like Down syndrome and autism. They serve approximately 1,600 children and adults with developmental disabilities each year, working with them and their families to expand their opportunities and enhance their quality of life.

We’ve been a part of this evening in various capacities – as volunteers, committee members and guests.  It’s a lot of fun and we see many people we know in our community.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning about Noble or would like to help, please share!

Here’s our group picture –


Kurt & Star Voigt, Monday Voigt Products;  Pat & Shawna; Cindy (Former Noble employee) & Todd Roseberry; Tom & Rachael; Lori & Aaron Winkler, WDM Creative

And now the out-takes – Do you know how HARD it was to get 10 people to stand still and take a good picture?

IMG_7236 IMG_7219 IMG_7213 IMG_7237 IMG_7212

More action shots of the night:

IMG_7210 IMG_7209 IMG_7250


– S.O.
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency

The Opposite of Growing “Pains” at AmFamPOB

tom birthdayIt’s been an exciting start to the new year.  The agency has almost doubled as we welcome TWO licensed agents to the team.  January 4th, licensed agent Tom Coverdale joined The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency, bringing years of experience and wonderful energy to the office.




This February, Cindy Herr-Pino, already an amazing asset to the agency as our director of business development, passed her home, auto, life and health licensing exams.  Now, as a licensed agent, Cindy is able to not only promote the agency and it’s products, but she will be consulting and advising customers to find the best products to fit their needs.


Here’s some pictures of Pat and Kelly assembling Tom’s desk.  Future AmFamPOB employee?

Kelly kelly desk Kelly desk2

Another desk has been added for Cindy.  This time, Tom was recruited to help with the heavy labor.  (Kelly was on a break).

desk pat and tom tom vacuum

Great job, guys – the desk looks great!!


Cindy and Tom are excited to work with you.  Contact us to set up an appointment.

– S.O.
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency


Should You Buy a New Car?

hondaWe’ve had our 2011 Honda Odyssey van for 4 years.  It came straight from the factory and had 4 miles on it when we drove off the lot.

With a very little interest rate, about $12 of each payment is now going to interest and the rest is going to principle.  It will be paid off soon and that’s a great feeling.  We haven’t had any issues with the vehicle and we weren’t considering trading it in until we received an offer in the mail from the dealer.  It seems this model is popular on the used car market and they are eager to get us into a new vehicle ($$$).  I gotta say, it’s tempting.

However, no car payment is tempting too.  We feel we’re in a good spot with a relatively “new” vehicle but when should we buy a new car?

I did some research and says it’s almost always less expensive to repair a car than buy a new one.  They say a new car typically loses an estimated 22 percent of it’s value in the first year and your existing car has already taken that depreciation hit.

On the flip side, if trips to the mechanic are costing you too much money and time from your work or family and you don’t want to worry constantly about future break downs, a new car may be worth the investment.  New cars are safer than ever with many safety equipment becoming standard on new vehicles.

Edmunds formula to making a decision is if the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle or one year’s monthly payments, it’s time to buy another vehicle.

I asked Pat about the cost of insurance on an older vehicle v. a new one.  Would our insurance premium go up or down if we bought a new vehicle?  Of course all rates depend on the driver’s driving record and the type of vehicle (sports cars really do cost more to insure) but he said a newer car would cost more to insure (there are reasons and I’ll let him break it down for you).  But if you are in the market for a new care, the good news is, it’s also true that newer vehicles may have newer safety features that can lower your premium.  It’s important you research what your rates may be on a vehicle you are interested in purchasing before you buy.

IMG_4744In our case, the van isn’t that “old” and we have the most recent safety features such a side air bags, the back up camera and a lot of what I’d call bells and whistles on it: Navigation, DVD player, bluetooth, auto start = all awesome features when toting around kids (and when I want to learn my Jazzercise routines on long road trips).

Not having a car payment soon and keeping our premium low is more attractive to me right now than a new vehicle that’s going to depreciate thousands of dollars the minute I drive it off the lot.  And, according to Kelly’s Blue Book, if I wanted to sell the van to a private party, I could expect to receive just over $21,000.  Not a bad chunk of change should I change my mind in the near future!

Are you in the market for a new car?  Call us and ask what your insurance premium would be so you can factor the total cost of a new vehicle into your budget.  We’d be happy to assist you.

The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency