Laura Shares How Life Insurance Helped Her Family After A Tragic Loss

We’d like to share a story with you about our Agency Assistant, Laura (Brown) Hawkin’s cousin who tragically lost his life at the young age of 24 from an automobile accident last week.

Laura Family - Josh

2002 Family Reunion at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Josh is far right, standing in the red shirt

The below was written by Laura:

“On a foggy morning in November 2015, a 24-year-old young man, Josh, tragically died in a car accident. He was living in Kansas to help his grandparents while the rest of his family was at home in Hawaii, including his parents and 8 of his 10 siblings.

The family decided to bury Josh in Kansas. Unfortunately, plane tickets to and from Hawaii don’t come cheap, and many of Josh’s siblings were unsure if they could afford a ticket to the funeral to see their brother buried.

Thankfully the family had purchased a life policy for Josh right after he was born. This policy was not only able to take care of the funeral costs; it also covered travelling costs for most of the family. If it weren’t for the proper life coverage, many family members would have missed out on Josh’s funeral.

Josh was a cousin to Laura, our agency’s licensed assistant. She is grateful that she will be able to see and comfort her family during this difficult time because of the coverage her family invested in”.

Thank you for sharing that with us, Laura.  Under extremely sad circumstances, the family was able to physically come together and mourn the loss of Josh because his parents purchased a life insurance policy on him when he was a young.

Laura and Cousins

Laura and her Cousins this week. They haven’t been together since 2005.

This is one case where the death benefit of life insurance assisted in the emotional and financial stress of Josh’s loved ones, as well as brought the family together; but there are many living benefits to purchasing life insurance on your children when they are young.

Please contact us or any trusted life insurance professional to discuss the benefits of owning a policy for your child(ren).

Shawna O’Brien
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency

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