AmFam State Dinner & Awards Was A Totally Awesome, Rad Party!

Once a year, the American Family Agents of Indiana have an all state business meeting to recap the previous year.  Following the business portion of the meeting, significant others are invited to attend the state awards ceremony, dinner and entertainment.

Copy of IMG_2686This year, the state decided to have an 80’s themed function (after the business meeting, of course) and let’s just say MANY “let their hair down” and embraced the 80’s theme COMPLETELY.

dave gossmanFor example, our buddy and fellow agency owner, David Gossman in Kokomo, IN on any given day looks just as he does pictured to the left.

Check out his 80’s ensemble in the below two pictures. Can you guess who he’s channeling?

He won best costume by the way!

Copy of IMG_2733

Dave with Connie from Lafayette

Copy of IMG_2722

Dave w/ his wife, Donna (and Pat)



Copy of IMG_2692

DSM Hazel & Husband, Larry

We first got a glimpse of how our peers interpreted the 80’s theme during our district awards (after the business meeting and prior to the dinner and state awards), hosted by our district sales manager, Hazel Salyer-Jones.

And they went ALL IN.  Look how awesome they look!collageIt was also during our district awards that The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency was recognized as the AGENCY OF THE YEAR!!  Congratulations POB Agency!!

Copy of IMG_2700

Here’s some more pictures from our fun night!

Copy of IMG_2725

Copy of IMG_2731 Copy of IMG_2730

Copy of IMG_2732

Copy of IMG_2708

Copy of IMG_2727 Copy of IMG_2726 Copy of IMG_2724 Copy of IMG_2723 Copy of IMG_2721 Copy of IMG_2719

Congrats to Hazel for DISTRICT of the YEAR!Copy of IMG_2718


Copy of IMG_2711 Copy of IMG_2706

Congratulations to the POB Team!


2 thoughts on “AmFam State Dinner & Awards Was A Totally Awesome, Rad Party!

  1. Pat O’Brien leads an awesome team. Every team member brings a level of concern and excellence to provide peace of mind to all clients.

  2. Patrick & Agency “Family!”: Congratulations on your recent award as the Top Agency of the Year!
    It takes a lot of hard work from every member of the “family” to earn such accolades you have received! Of course, the leader of the “family” must set a good example to reach the top! Great job by all “family” members in climbing the ladder to success!
    Love to each of you,
    Jan & JJ…….Pat’s Parents

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