FAQ (Directly from our Customers)

Q.  How long do I have until I notify my Insurance Agent that I have a new vehicle? 
A.   You should notify your agent immediately.  Make a quick phone call or email and provide the VIN# and purchase date from the dealer.

Q.  What happens to my Auto Insurance Premium if I get a ticket?
A.  Depending on what type of ticket you  get, your auto insurance premium may go up, or you may be placed into a higher  risk category or with a higher risk auto insurance company. For example, an Operating While Intoxicated ticket will have a much more serious effect on your  insurance than a “failure to signal” ticket.

Q.  Does my homeowner’s policy cover my wedding ring and other valuable jewelry?
A.   Generally speaking, a homeowner’s policy provides coverage for rings/jewelry up to a maximum of $1,500 an item; $2,500 aggregate.  If you acquire jewelry valued over $1,500 per piece, you should schedule (list) the item.  Ask your agent about updating your policy and schedule your valuable items for an increase in limits and protection.

Q.  Do I need to notify my Insurance Agent if I get a dog?
A.  Yes, notify your insurance agent  immediately if you get a dog. In most cases, your homeowner policy provides  liability protection to you due to the actions of your dog. However, many  insurance companies do not write coverage if you own certain breeds of dogs.  These breeds typically include, but are not limited to: Akita, American pit  bull terrier, chow, Rottweiler, wolf hybrids, any dog that is a mixed breed containing  any of these breeds, or any pet that displays vicious tendencies. If you have  additional questions, contact your agent.

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