Case Studies and Testimonials

September 23, 2016

My wife and I recently moved our home, auto, and life policies to Patrick O’Brien / American Family, and we have been impressed with their customer service and professionalism. My wife was involved in a collision last week, and they quickly took care of her claim, arranged for repairs, and put her in a rental car. Tom Coverdale was awesome to work with as well. I highly recommend.

Review Rating: 5.0
Chris Smith

October 23, 2015

Thanks again for your insight with my situation.  I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing you and Tom’s approach to your client’s care.  You are up front and honest with your products which is why you have my business.

Thanks again for your time today.

Aaron Stephen
(New customer)



From: Susan
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2015 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: Remodel / home policy

Thank you both for reviewing our updates on the Fishers home. This has been on my to do list for some time and is a relief to have all under your care.

Appreciate all you do.  Don and I continue to be pleased with our American Family…family!



Dear Patrick:

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank you , Shannon and AM FAM Claims Adjuster – Doug Lawler for making us (i.e., The Pino Family) feel so comforted and worry free during the handling of our most recent auto  claim.  From your initial inquiry at 9:19 PM last night, followed by Shannon’s and your e-mail follow-up this morning – WOW … now that’s some excellent customer service.  Then to put it over the top, we were fortunate enough to receive awesome claims adjusting services from Doug Lawler.  He was extremely prompt, thorough and professional throughout the entire process! I feel so lucky as well as blessed to have you as my Insurance Agent, Shannon as our CSR and Doug as our Claims Adjuster.  When my son’s car was struck by that deer last night, I knew we would be handled with extreme professionalism … but you three (3) are the Poster Child for demonstrating Superior Customer Service!!  If there were a Golden Globe or an Oscar Award available for Insurance personnel, “y’all” would have it in the bag!  Thanks for being so caring, supportive and encouraging to us.  Our family is very happy with and appreciative of the AM FAM family, and are so glad to be a part of this pleasant experience during such a difficult situation.


Gary K. Pino



We had a client arrive for a Personal Insurance Review to go over all of her coverages.  She asked to see a summary of her scheduled jewelry (high value jewelry added to a home owner policy in order to have it covered).  Upon review, NONE of her jewelry was scheduled.  We were able to quickly update her policy to include the schedules (listed) jewelry and she left with peace of mind.
The take away:  Most policies only cover $1,500 per jewelry item. Hypothetically if you lost a $10,000 engagement/wedding ring that was not scheduled on your homeowner’s policy, and you called to file a claim, you would be asked to pay your deductible and you would only be compensated $1,500 for the lost ring.


Shannon recently spoke with a client by phone who called to add a new vehicle to his coverage.  While Shannon was reviewing all of his coverage, she discovered the customer’s 20+ year old son was still listed as a driver on one of his vehicles.  When Shannon asked about the son, the client confirmed the son had moved out of the home and was not driving the vehicle.  By removing the clients son as a driver on his vehicle, we were able to cut his rates in half!
The take away:  #1 – Every year you should review your policies with your insurance agent and staff so they can ask the proper questions to determine if you are covered correctly.  #2 – Whenever there is a change in your household regarding who is living with you and driving the vehicles you have insured, contact your agent to update your policies.  You could be missing out on savings!


A client met with us and realized that his 17 year old daughter was not listed as a driver on any of his vehicles!  She has had her license for almost a full year!!!!
The take away:  If the daughter had been in an accident, that accident would not have been covered by insurance because she was not listed as a driver on the vehicle.  It would be costly for the client if there was an accident in which the daughter was driving should there need to be repairs to the vehicle or if it the vehicle was totaled.

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