Walking to Raise Awareness For Kidney Disease

It was a HOT day last Saturday but that didn’t stop Cindy, along with her family, Gary, Garrett, Ciara, and Bella from participating in the Kidney Walk on the Canal to raise awareness for Kidney Disease.

This initiative hits close to home for Cindy because she is a kidney donor.  In October 2009, Cindy donated her left kidney to her brother-in-law, Ed Pino.  Since doing so, his life has improved tremendously.  Cindy jokes that Ed is her sixth child since the experience was life-giving – much like childbirth.

Applause to you, Cindy!!


walkThe National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.  The Kidney Walk is the nation’s largest walk to fight kidney disease.



More than 80 cents of every dollar donated directly supports programs and services.

Lookin’ good Pino Family!  Love the hat, Cindy!

– S.O.
The Patrick D. O’Brien Agency


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