Healthy Holiday Eating (and Drinking)

Holiday cookiesWe definitely want you to have fun this season and we know delicious baked goodies & seasonal beverages come with the territory.  Between baking at home with your family, receiving baked goods as gifts, and attending functions with a large selection of deserts & drinks, you’re probably consuming your fair share of bulge inducing delectables.  No wonder so many people make weight-loss a part of their New years resolutions!

Here’s how you can modify a bit but still have fun and enjoy the goodies.

If you’re baking, try substituting the following:

*   Whole wheat flour, ground oats or almond meal for FLOUR.
*   Honey or Stevia for SUGAR.
*   Applesauce, mashed banana or coconut oil for BUTTER & OIL.
*   Applesauce or flax meal for EGGS.
*   Carob chips or dark chocolate chunks for CHOCOLATE CHIPS.
*   Greek yogurt for SOUR CREAM.

If you’re attending a party try the following:

*   Make the earlier part of the day extra healthy.  Have a high fiber breakfast, a vegetable filled lunch and exercise in the afternoon.
*   Eat a healthy snack before the party to ease your hunger.  We’ve heard a cup of vegetable soup does a great job.  Also try fiber filled fruit, string cheese, almonds, 4 oz. Greek yogurt or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.
*   When you get to the party, survey and determine your options before filling your plate.  Decide which foods you like best and choose only those – don’t fill up on the others.
*   Dish out smaller portions – about 20% less than you think you might want. (How many times have your eyes been bigger than your stomach at a party)?

If you are going to indulge in Holiday Libations, here are lower calorie options:

*   Wine spritzer = White or red wine mixed with club soda
*   5 oz. of wine, 12oz. of light beer, or 1.5oz of liquor combined w/ non-calorie mixers = 120 calories each.
*   Cranberry crush = Club soda splashed with cranberry cocktail and frozen grapes
*   Guiltless hot chocolate = 1 Tbsp. cocoa powder, skim milk, low-cal sweetener, dash of cinnamon & vanilla extract
*   Apple tea = Brewed tea sweetened with a splash of apple cider and a cinnamon stick.

Do you have any tricks, tips and strategies for savoring the season without putting on the pounds?  We’d love to hear it!

Merry Christmas!!

POB Agency

How to Clean a Glass Oven Door

We had a cookout a few weeks back and as I was hurriedly putting the mac-n-cheese in the oven, the flimsy foil pan bent and toppled.  About half of the Mac-n-Cheese fell on the inside of the oven door.

The oven was pre-heated and I was able to save half of the mac-n-cheese so I baked it.  I told myself I’d clean the oven “later”.  Well, it’s been about two months – not a few weeks – if I’m going to be honest.  This is what my oven looked like after two months of numerous uses since the messy mac-n-cheese spill.



I did some research on how to best clean the oven door so we can once again see through the glass.  Being mindful that I probably don’t want to use harsh chemicals that will later be baked along with our food, I found this “natural” remedy:  Water and Baking Soda.

Water + Baking Soda = Paste

Water + Baking Soda = Paste

If your oven is not as dirty as mine, mix about 1/4 cup of baking soda with water until it forms a runny paste.  If your oven is like mine (baked on thick cheese), you will need twice as much paste (like I did).


Pour the mixture on and rub it in.  Let it sit 15-30 minutes.  I had to let mine sit 30 minutes.



First Time

After letting it sit, wipe it off.  If there are still spots, you can scrub with a scour pad. 

I had to do this TWICE and let it sit both times for a 1/2 hour.  Then I had to put some major elbow grease behind the scouring.


Second Time

But, It worked!  I can see my floor through the glass!!


Has this happened to you?  Please share your cleaning tips in the comments.

– S.O.
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