6 Halloween/Autumn School Class Party Ideas

This year I’ve volunteered to be the class parent for our Daughter’s pre-K class.  One of my responsibilities is to help with class parties throughout the year.

Thursday, October 31st is our first classroom party so I’ve been on the hunt for age appropriate party game ideas. 

Keeping the age range in mind (4-5 year olds), I’ve gathered a handful of games that aren’t too lengthy since this age has the attention span of about 5-10 minutes on any one activity. 

Here are 6 class party ideas I think will work for her class.  What do you think?  If you have ideas or games that have worked for you in the past, please share in the comments below.

Bobbing For Apples – without the germy water and kids using their mouths.
          Cut out several apples from red construction paper.  Write activities for kids to do on each apple such as “5 jumping jacks” or “running in place for 30 seconds”.  Attach a paper clip to each apple and place the apples in a large basket.  Tie a magnet to a string or create a fishing pole with a dowel rod, magnet and yarn.  Let the children take turns “bobbing” with their magnet and doing the activity written on each apple.

Halloween bingo2Candy Corn Bingo
          Cut out Halloween or Autumn images and use candy corn as place markers for a fun and tasty Bingo game.

Boo is it?
          Place slips of paper with names of characters on it (popular Halloween costumes like cowboy, ninja, spy, princess, etc.) and place one slip of paper into an inflated white balloon.  Use a black sharpie marker to draw ghost faces on the balloons.  Divide the class into teams.  Have one person from the team come up and choose a ghost and pop the balloon to release the clue.  Once he/she gets the clue out, he/she needs to act it out.  The other team gets to guess who it is.  Repeat until all “Ghosts” are popped.

Halloween Estimation Games
          Guess the pumpkin weight; Guess the number of candy corn in a jar; Guess the number of “eyeballs” (ping-pong balls) in the black bag (kids have to reach into the bag without looking and feel around to guess).

Pass the Pumpkin (Hot Potato with a small pumpkin)
          Kids sit in a circle.  One child starts with the pumpkin, turn on Halloween music, and have the kids pass the pumpkin around the circle.  Whoever is holding the pumpkin when the music stops is out of the game.

For Older Kids – Word Challenge
          Give the kids an autumn or Halloween word like pumpkin, scarecrow, hayride – and ask them to make as many other words from those letters as they can.  

Lastly, there’s always Pin the nose on the pumpkin. 

– S.O
POB Agency

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